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WTF I'm doing

I'm tearing up about the thought of going back to Sydney. There is so much excitement in my body my heart is pounding.

Now I thought I would leave this all as a mystery and surprise of where I'm moving and what I'm doing for the next year... but I'm such an open book and need to speak my thoughts the moment they occur.

Ok, you guys, I am so excited for life its insane. I am sad to move out of this apartment, it truly is my dream apartment (at this stage in life) and I have the best possible roommates I could have asked for. I consider myself lucky, but gramps always said the harder you work the luckier you get. So I do believe I got so 'lucky' with my roommates because I expected to. I always see the best possible outcome and because I do, thats what the universe hears and presents it to me. It did however turn out better than expected. I always thought I wanted to live alone but I got what I needed. I got hard working, fun, kind, thoughtful, adventurous guys to be around that taught me so much it's insane. They're literally my family. Some people aren't very close with their roommates which is hard to understand as these guys and their friends have literally become my best friends. Johns moved out :( Brandons here now, fucking fantastic guy, but Devan's been here the whole time and gets life updates even before my mom and sister.. crazy. It's such an amazing feeling to be so open with them, to respect their opinions and feedback, they give me advice about relationships, business, just life. To sum up Devans energy... he told me once "Sky, there's two types of people in the world; a hammer, and a nail. Don't be a nail." Every morning I tell them "Have the best day of your life!!!!! Love you!!!!" Now they say love you back :)

Anyways that's that, I haven't really written any blogs while being here because I've just been so present and living life. But it has been the absolute best time of my life in every way, which is why it's so bittersweet to leave. Although I live by a quote: "To be able to, at any moment, sacrifice what you are for what you will become." I saw this quote I think before I moved to Sydney, it was so scary moving across the world not knowing anyone with basically no money. And it just feels like a full circle now, I am not moving back to Sydney (yet.. maybe) but the thought of it fills my body with so fucking much joy. It felt like home instantly, and it still feels like home. Vancouver is still my home and always will be, but why limit myself to just one home!

OK SO, the plan is for now, I've got a lot of travel coming up this year so it didn't make sense to keep my apartment. I had always wanted to live in two other places in my life besides Vancouver for at least a year, just to experience different cultures and I think it's so important to move away from your home town (city). I moved to Aus so that's one off the list, now the other is still a mystery.

Covid happened so I haven't moved anywhere else yet, and I also don't know where exactly I would want to be which is the biggest part that has held me back from just going. I know I need to be near the Ocean because my soul is happiest near the water.

I don't know why I didn't think about this before, I guess I thought I would know exactly where I want to go then go. Although that's not how life works sometimes. If I wanted to know exactly how running a business would look I would have never started. It's simply not possible to know all the steps beforehand. That's the same as moving. I realize now I don't know exactly all the steps, but I do just need to start. I am usually the girl with the plan, sometimes it's a bit too intense for people because I'm on a strict schedule. And I do have a plan, I have a plan for my business and it's so clear to me and I'm working it. I always wanted to be able to travel for work, not even be able, it was a must. So I brainstormed all these ideas that I could do while travelling. I didn't know how it would work but now I see it. By no means is it easy starting your own business, but if it's a thought in your mind you need to try it. I don't think we're given ideas just because. I think it's an absolute must that we see them through, it's not even for us, it's our gift to the world. I am so driven with my business because it has been shown to me time and time again that other's truly need what I do. It is beyond me now, I had an idea, I worked towards it for literally 5 years.. it's still just a baby. But it is others now pushing me to get it done fast because they need it.

You don't have to know exactly what your life looks like, but you do need a target, you need an idea, a vision for your life - the paths might vary, but the vision doesn't just come to you.

People think you just get an idea and boom! Maybe for some people, but I had to work for my ideas. I spend at least 365 days, almost every night I set a timer for 10 minutes and drew - I originally did this because I found I wasn't drawing a lot and creativity is a muscle. I didn't know what to draw so I told myself just put anything on the page, I listened to motivational videos while I did this and everything just turned out to be inspiring words and images. As I listened to the videos I would learn new exercises on how to figure out what you want to do with your life. I would do these exercises, then after a couple months and people praising me for working towards my goals and having a clear vision, they would ask how did I do that! I said oh well actually this is what I did... but then they rarely put in the work. Or with some friends I would draw out the exercise in a sketchbook and give it to them. Then I thought there's so many things that I did to help me figure it out it would be so much easier if I could just give them a book. This is when "Master your Mindset" was conceived. It originally started as Dream Party Workbook, because I heard once you have to step into your dream, and have a dream party everyday. You need to step into your dream life once a day and live it out for 10 minutes.

Ok this is a lot to type I'm over it now. hahahah. I guess it's time I start my podcast then I'll explain it all.

ANYWAYS I still didn't really tell you my plan for the next year, BUT just know that I'm so fucking excited and I hope you do the things that scare you instead of playing small and being safe. The most risky investments have the most rewards.

Go live your best life no matter how much it scares you. The reality is that you're going to die. So who tf cares, full send it now.

Happy adventuring kids.

Peace and love always and forever,



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