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The Secret Behind My Happiness

Ok, Hi friends.

So many people comment on how positive I am and they wish they were like that.

I thought I would share my secret with you. It's very simple but you have to listen entirely. It's so simple you might not even understand it. So contemplate it. Be curious about what it really means.

The secret to my happiness is .... wait for it .... I woke up.

The fact that I woke up, is all I need to make me happy. Not only that, I wake up healthy, ambitious, with so many phenomenal people in my life and so many opportunities around it. The world is fucking gorgeous and our bodies are a miracle.

Stop feeling so entitled to anything and everything. The world owes us nothing and the fact that we wake up everyday is the greatest blessing of all time.

Start to enjoy your life and expect nothing. When you realize your life is entirely up to you in every way, it's all on you. It's pressure but its empowering. If you're not happy stop expecting so much without putting in the work. I have extremely high expectations for my life, it's not like I wake up and I don't do anything because waking up is enough for me. No, I hustle and I work and I try to balance health, fitness, and a social life. I want all these beautiful things and relationships - you can still want them, but my happiness is not dependent on whether or not I 'have' things or people. My happiness is entirely internal. Experiences definitely effect my happiness, but the baseline is up to me.

Now I have tools that help support that baseline, for example cold ocean dips at least once a week, I journal, read, write, meditate, visualize, and say affirmations. And I plan the f out of my life, I go with the flow and I'm spontaneous, but I understand the fact that everything is up to me, I can ask for help but don't wait for anyone to get started.

It's not that I necessarily wake up and am like FUCK YA I'M ALIVE. I wake up and remind myself that I am so blessed to wake up, to have phenomenal family and friends. I remind myself of all the beautiful things and people and experiences that I have in my life, and it's up to me and my mindset for those to continue. We attract what we are. We are all vibrational beings. I know it doesn't do anyone any good if I'm negative. So I snap myself out of it as quickly as possible because it's just unnecessary and harmful to myself and those around me.

Ever realize when you're having a bad day everything just keeps going wrong? Yeah because we are energy, and put out a vibrational frequency, we then attract that frequency.

I spend 1-3 hours every morning doing things that raise my vibration, so that for the rest of the day I attract high vibrational experiences. You need to understand how the universe works. Everything is energy. That's a fact, even matter is just a bunch of clustered energy that we see as matter.

I work on my happiness daily. Happiness is a result of everything that I do every morning and understanding the simple but most important thing that I woke up. I am given an opportunity to have the best day of my life and empower others to have the best day of their life. It's a mindset. Nothing has to happen for me to have the best day of my life.

People ask how I am, I say "phenomenal thank you, best day of my life."

They say "why is it the best day of your life?"

Me: "I woke up." and smile and laugh.

People think I'm joking. But why does something have to happen for you to have the best day of your life? Why can't you just wake up and realize that you fucking woke up and what a goddamn blessing that is, and no matter what happens it's the best day of your life. It could be an absolute horrible day. But that's life isn't it? The lower you go the higher you bounce. I embrace those shitty days because it reminds me that I'm alive. That's literally what life is. The highs and lows, you can't have a high without the low. It is all beautiful.

The fact that Allexanne died is honestly the best blessing I could have ever experienced. It fucking sucked, for like a solid year I was almost delusional and felt out of body. I didn't really know what was going on, or how to even function properly. But because of that sudden, unexpected death at 28 I realize just how fragile life is and the fact that I fucking woke up today is the most beautiful miracle. And I'm killing it at life because I make the most of everyday because I seriously understand the fact that even the next hour is not guaranteed. I appreciate everyone in my life because I know they could be gone in a second and I would be back to square one with dealing with grief. I try my best to emanate peace and love and not let the little things bother me because I'm actually so blessed to care so much about a person to allow them to bother me. That's what it is to be alive. It's to feel everything.

If you don't see a way to happiness I have said so many times I am happy to help. But you have to put in the work. Honestly stop making excuses. Reach out, I am always here.

It's all on you. Accept the responsibility. And of course, have the best day of your life.

I love you so much


Skybabe <3

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