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Day 10 - London

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We slept at Ibo's friday night; Misha, Drew, Cat, and I. So in the am we made our way to the market to grab some food. This actually took us an hour and a half. It was so nice to just walk around though. We watched Stranger Things, this was my first time seeing it. Its cool but I don't get the huge hype about it. I couldn't sit any longer so Cat and I came home. I did some stuff on the computer then went for a run. I love running here, it's not the most ideal place but I do love seeing a city by running through it. You just feel SO good and you get to explore! It's the music thats the game changer. Music makes everything. You literally feel like you're in a movie and you have a soundtrack to your life. I love how there are so many massive parks in London. Life is so good!! I am honestly so thankful.

Anyways I made my way back, Cat and I were invited to a party.. Keep in mind its 8pm and it's a costume party that we did not plan for. Cat suggested mummies so we ran down to the pharmacy to pick up some injury wrap or something. By now its 8:42pm and it closes at 9pm. Once we got home we tried wrapping it around ourselves and realized we were basically nude. So that wasn't going to fly.. we did not get enough at all. Basically what happened is we still went as mummies, just wrapped our top half in it/ around our arms and I wore my beige lulu sweats.. honestly so happy about it, and cat wore tan trousers. It turned out pretty well!

Not gunna lie the people at the party were pretty interesting. There were these 2 girls that we basically just danced with the entire time though so it was fun! Their humour/accents are so entertaining.

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