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Day 2 - London

Here we go boyss...

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Ok Day 2! It was such a great day. I was super jet lagged so I was up from 3:30am-8am, then slept till 1pm.. whoops. Honestly don't know the last time I slept that late. Anyways so Cat and I went for a walk to the National Gallery, it was basically an exhibition of Victorian portraits. I was joking to cat, saying imagine if my work was up here. I mean its not that funny at all but just because my portraits are SO contemporary and not what they had there. There was no enterence fee which was great. (For those of you who read my blog and might want to know for the future..) We continued down the street to Trafalgar Square, it was popin! There were street performers.. man oh man did I want to get involved. I think maybe I was a dancer in a past life because I absolutely LOVE dancing.. doesn't mean I'm great at it but its pretty fun.

It was too funny, so Cat and I are walking and this boy comes up and says she's the most beautiful person he's ever seen. I had the camera out already filming Cat so I got to capture this interesting encounter. We walked through the park, another massive castle like compound, and somehow made our way to Buckingham Palace! At this point it was quarter to 5 and we had dinner at 6 so we spedwalked our way home.

Quickly got ready for dinner (we had dinner with Phil), raced our way to The Savoy, where Phil works; no joke we were literally booking it, it was pretty funny. We get to the Savoy, one of the nicest hotels in London, and had the most beautiful dinner/night with Phil. They all welcomed us in by first name. Obviously they know Cat and Phil but literally all of them knew my name too. Little princesses we were. Dinner was delicious, I got a cesear salad and french onion soup. We had a few G&T's.. wine.. hot chocolate with baileys.. Honestly the best hot chocolate I've EVER had. It was great to sit down and talk with Phil, I've never really had the opportunity to get into a good conversation with him. And by conversation I me asking questions and listening to his advice. I love asking parents for advice, they are where they are for a reason so I always love to take the opportunity to get into their head. Its like free school!! Years and years or experience and knowledge just handed to you. So I asked about leadership (which is basically Phils job), and I always like to ask "If you could talk to your 21 year old self what would you say" 21 because thats my current age, and themself because they may not know me well but they for sure have thought about their younger self.

The key points I got out of it:

  • Its about respect as opposed to liking

  • The fine line of being their friend although still expecting their performance - and when there's respect no one will ever take advantage of friendship and think they don't have to perform because they're your friend now.

  • Your only competition is yourself

After dinner we made our way through The American we were planning on just checking it out because it was recently rated the #1 bar in the world. They said they had a table for us so Phil said why not. We sat down for some more exotic drinks. We got @nickbarnes favourite... It was awful tasting. It was called a Black Dimond, and they present it beautifuly, literally smoke was coming out from under the shot glass. It was a whisky drink.. Cat and I clearly werent loving it as much as nick Phil got us to try something new. Our lovely waiters William and Ferdia brought us surprises. I wish I knew what it was called because it was so good!! So refreshing, I think there was Cilantro in it. Anyways Phil is absolutely hilarious with the staff. Cat and I were laughing becuase today Ferdia is probably saying Mr. Barnes' daughter was hitting on me. Because she had asked what he was doing after work and I gave him my card (to watch the vlogs of course, but I dont think he was thinking that). It was too funny, while he was waiting on another table next to us he had his hands folded behind his back so I just put my card in his hand and he took it. Totally forgot to mention but after dinner Aldon gave us gifts.. it was so sweet. I got chocolates and tea and Cat got a cardboard box. (Champagne)

Ok so fast forward, we came home, cat obviously got in bed although when do I EVER want to go out... So I forced her to get up (she thanked me later) and went to meet Ibo and Drew at Carlos' friends party. It was actually too funny, so you know how I kept mentioning being a street performer.. well now we have a crew. Drew, Ibo, Cat, and I have decided that we're going to choreograph a dance and perform at a club or party. So last like literally the four of us are in a line dancing, man we're so funny. So that was the highlight of my night. We ubered back to Ibos, made some yums, had a big slumber party, then cat and I got up at 7:30 to head back to Cats to say bye to Phil! He was heading back to Vancouver :( On the tube on our way home this morning i accidentally knocked Cats phone out of her hand and some man is like "Oh my god you cant take her anywhere!" (towards cat) I said "you're telling me!!" He goes "I bet she does this every time", "enough is enough!" Cat was like wtf is going on... Tooo GOOD

Overall GREAT Day 2

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