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Day 4 - London

Ok so we slept at Ibo's again.. lol we just love sleepovers/ why not because there's so much room and its such a trek to get back to Cats.

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This morning Drew and I exchanged massages because apparently we went to hard dancing last night that we were all so sore this morning. We went to the food market to get some noms, obviously I had falafel (one of my favourite foods for those of you who are unaware). We sat outside at the picnic tables. There was a huge open space by the Picnic tables so we used it as a dance floor. Attempted at the Cotten Eyed Joe, Ibo was being weird, I was laying on the ground, and Drew was dancing behind us. No joke we are the WEIRDEST crew. Cat was just laughing at us. We went for a little stroll around town, stopped into a few shops, thought about going to a view point but it was actually FREEZING so we decided against it. We also decided that were going to get matching tracksuits for our performance. **And get Lio on too because he loves us so much. (Ibo's roommate) After our outing Cat and I went home to go to the gym, had dinner, and went back to Ibo's. I brought my computer so I could catch up on these!!

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