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Happiness & Satisfaction - Whats The Difference?!

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Artistotle

It has been brought to my attention that some people perceive the action of moving away being associated with one not being happy at home. That is not the case for me, and I am positive is not the case for many others.

Satisfaction and happiness are two VERY different things.

Socializing also does not have to do with ones happiness. There are very many different types of people. The lack of socializing does not mean someone is unhappy with their life. Yes maybe if you know that individual is a very social person and there is a sudden change in behaviour. 100% that would be a concern.

But speaking for myself, the minimal socializing that I do in Vancouver does not mean I am unhappy. I socialize, just not A LOT. But for me, it is the perfect amount. I see people at the office, at the gym, at yyoga, and wherever else I go in my day. To be honest, that’s good enough for me. Maybe once a week, or even once a month will I chill with friends, and again, that is plenty for me. *This by no means I don’t like my friends. I am beyond thankful for them, I seriously have the greatest friends in the world, and love them like none other. I actually often think about working/saying no to plans now, so that in the future I can fly them somewhere abroad to “chill”. I am very focused on my goals, so I don’t actually see the lack of socializing as a concern, but something to be proud of that I have the discipline to say no to going out, or going for dinner or to see a movie. I encourage myself to stay home and read, it is not a punishment, but a reward. Everything in life is nor good or bad, but simply a perception. I have heard that “isolation is a gift”. It reaps rewards and I can 100% back that up. There are 0 distractions when you isolate yourself. When I talk about isolation, I don’t mean that I am depressed and don’t want to see anyone. I mean that I say no to plans, because I want to read, or write, or draw, or paint, or do something that I feel will advance myself/my skills, or make me grow. That is why in Sydney I have been making myself get out more, because at this moment in time that is what I feel will make me grow. I have also learnt that we all crave human connection. Everything in life is a balance. Before I