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Happy New Years!

"Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

-Napoleon Hill

I am amazed at how quickly times goes..

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year so far! I can’t even explain how I am feeling. I am just constantly shocked at where I am in the world, and how I got here! The world works in mysterious ways but I am so blessed to have these incredibly kind, generous, and loving people in my life!

I am currently in Wellington, New Zealand staying at a friends who is not even here! But offered me his place while he is away since I wasn’t sure my plans/hadn’t organized a place to live yet. Keep in mind I haven’t seen this person in 8 years, so thank you Caleb!! You are beyond generous. I am pretty speechless about the whole thing because it all happened so fast! The 2 months of travel with the fam is over, before I know it, it will be opening night of Art Vancouver 2019..

I was already aware of the power of the mind. But this past few days I have really come to experience it. I guess because everything is happening so fast, I haven’t had anytime to really create an opinion about anything, and that’s why I realize that everything just is. The experience is determined by our decisions in how we choose to feel about it.

The book that I am currently reading is called “Audition” whom my acting coach had given to me. It is soo much more than preparing you for auditions. I have realized how that when I am in a situation that ‘I’ wouldn’t usually like - that I only don’t like it because that’s what I had decided in the past. I am trying to work on my acting in all situations, which I realized from fitness instructing how we can just snap into it - you just have to decide to do it. (Some mornings when I’m super tired and not feeling the jumping up and down and screaming part, i would make a decision before the class, I would tell myself that it is literally my job to be enthusiastic. So I would snap into an upbeat mood, give the best class, and by the end of the class I forgot that I was feeling tired and before! Afterwards I always finish with a smile on my face. So I have realized that I already practice acting, and that everyday is our day. We start it how we choose to start it. We don’t have to try and force ourselves to like the things we don’t like - but my point is, if you’re in a situation, one that you usually wouldn’t like - but you’re already there, you may as well make the decision to make the most of it! And have the best time ever.

The Law of Attraction is always in play - if we decide that today is going to be the best day ever, then were attracting those positive things to come into our lives, and even if it is an uneventful day - then maybe that really is the event! Time to relax and slow down. Play with your mind a bit, try and control those emotions, don’t let your emotions control you. Feel them and learn, but don’t get consumed by them.

This is not how I expected to start the new year. But then again I hadn’t expected anything.. I have very much just been going with the flow since I arrived in Australia. Yes I have goals, but I am trying to have 0% expectation, and 100% appreciation. And so far that mindset has given me the best trip ever.

I have lots of 2019 goals, but my real goal is to work on intentions. To have those goals be a product of who I become instead of my main focus. I would say my biggest focus at this moment in time is to live in the present yet still plan for the future. It is quite a hard balance! I am always planning, and I achieve those goals, but since I am so used to planning I forget to appreciate where I actually am.

It is truly amazing how much can change in a year. I absolutely love where I am, and I am so excited to where I am headed. I think it is important to take the time to set big goals, figure out the daily things you need to do to get yourself there, but then learn to enjoy the process and let the universe take you there when the time is right.

I think a big thing to believe in is trust. To trust yourself that where you are is where you’re meant to be in this present moment.

Develop your strengths, and be aware of your weaknesses.

7 things to keep in mind for the new year:

  1. Trust

  2. Work Hard - but step back to appreciate your hard work

  3. Enjoy ALL that life has to offer

  4. Life is what YOU make it

  5. Love unconditionally

  6. Self-awareness

  7. Courage

2019 Numerology

  • Creative self-expression

  • Relationships

  • Wholeness

  • Self-determination

  • Humanitarianism

  • Optimism

  • Companionship

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to everyone in my life. I am so grateful I don’t even know how to express myself. You all have taught me so much, and I feel extremely blessed in every way possible. So thank you. I love you all unconditionally.

I hope you all have the courage to do the things that scare you this year.

Have the best year my loves!



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