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How Do I have So Much Energy ?!?!

So... I get this question ALL the time!

There definitely is not just ONE answer!! It is not some secret potion that I have, or one food that I eat, but my LIFESTYLE!

Everything that I am about to say, is not organized in order of importance, but are ALL just as important, and honestly necessary for you to live your best life.


Yes it's hard to get up sometimes, I'm tired as well, I'm not a super human, but I am DRIVEN! I want to live the life that I WANT to life, not one that I have too because I wasn't able to be discipline with myself, and do what I need to do to get there. The best part is, that everyday is an amazing day, yes it gets tough, but because you know WHY you're doing it, you are able to keep pushing. No joke sometimes I sit at my desk and cry because I feel so overwhelmed, and its funny because its all stuff that I'm making up for myself to do, like I don't HAVE to do it. But by doing that, it allows me to pick up and travel at a moments notice when I am given the opportunity.

"Sacrifice today for a better tomorrow."

You do have to start somewhere, and I have been blessed I know that, but I am doing what I can in order to live the life that I want, and deserve. How does this have to do with energy? Well I'm not sure, but the drive, the burning fire within, just pulls out energy from thin air when you know why you're doing something. I am trying to make myself, and the others around me better. And I BELIEVE that when the time is right, it will all come back. So I don't worry about charging people for advice, or training, or whatever service I am offering, I just believe that it will come back, so GIVE, and give without expectation.


Believe it or not, the more you do the more energy you have. When I'm tired, and I haven't done any exercise yet, I force myself to get up, go for a run or go to the gym or yoga, because I know the moment I get there, or start running, all of a sudden all this energy flows to me. And afterwards I feel 100x better. Its like anything, the more you put out the more you get back. I push my body and I push it hard! Our bodies can LITERALLY do anything our minds tell it too! Yes we might need to build up to it, but it ALL starts in your head!! All you have to do is take the first step!

I do some kind of physical activity daily, if not multiple. When I'm stressed, I know its a necessity to get myself to the gym, it doesn't come second, I know that in order to relax, and give my mind and body what it needs.. I need to workout and get endorphins.

Life is a series of priorities! We do what we MUST do, not what we SHOULD do. So change you should to MUSTS. For example, change it from "I should get to the gym" to "I must get to the gym". It is a simple change in your own mind. Once you're there, you're there!!! Thats all that matters.

3. Nutrition

Ok.. huge!! Nutrition is so damn important I can't even express this enough. EAT WELL!!!! Your body is a machine. Understand that. If you don't put fuel in your car.. IT WILL NOT RUN. Same for your body... if you put shit fuel in your body.. IT WILL NOT WORK! Days that are physically demanding for me I am extra cautious about what goes into my body because I know I need the fuel!! And I can't afford to spend the time breaking down food that will not fuel me back, because then you are spending extra energy and time, and receiving nothing but illnesses back.

In high school people used to make fun of me when I came in at 8:30am with my green smoothie. I smiled and said try it. Very few tried it. Later in the day, when I had a spare, (for those of you who know me, you know I cannot sit still). So of course I would go for a run during my spare! When I got back, those same people would ask "how do you have so much energy?!" I thought hmmmm... I don't know..... maybe from my green smoothies that you make fun of every morning?! For some reason people don't believe it. BUT ITS TRUE!! I eat so well!!! Which leaves me with SO MUCH energy in!! And its not a hassle when you realize what you're given in return. All you have to do is care for your body. And understand that what you eat, pay attention this is science. What you eat.. it goes through your esophagus, into your stomach, your stomach starts to break it down, then into your intestines, when its in your intestines, thats when your body starts to leach out the nutrients, and pull it from the digestive track into your body. With what is left over, continues through the digestive track and is excreted. BUT with what you body keeps, the nutrients that it takes.. well.. it breaks it down to the simplest form, and then.... wait for it..... it starts to rebuild it!! This is when your body creates new cells. Your body is in a constant state of anabolic and catabolic (breaking down and rebuilding). SO what you EAT is literally what you ARE. Your cells are rebuilt with the food that you put into your body! SO if you put shit food in your body.. well.. you create weak cells, is you put nutrient dense food into your body... you get STRONG cells!!

It is literally as simple as that! I know healthy food is expensive, BUT, you pay for your health now (through good groceries) or later (in medical bills). Nothing is free in life. Good health is hard work, but it is a lot easier than living a life in the hospital, or incapable of functioning properly in your old age.

Check the link below to see what my nutrition looks like.

4. Personal Development

I read everyday. My goal for this year is to read 24 new books. They are all about personal development.

I journal everyday. Every morning I give an update of my life, then I answer the questions:

  1. I am grateful for: (4 different categories)

    1. Old relationship that helped me

    2. Opportunity today

    3. Something great that happened yesterday

    4. Something simple near you/within sight

  1. What would make today great?

    1. eg. Finish Iris of eyes (my paintings)

    2. eg. Blog Post

    3. eg. Read

  1. Daily Affirmations. I am...

    1. eg. Intelligent

    2. eg. Financially Free

    3. eg. Independent

I also start my day with 10 push ups, and a 5 minute meditation. This takes no longer than 5 minutes and 30 seconds, but changes the entire spirit of your day. I got these ideas from Tim Ferris, they are his 5 Morning Rituals. It also includes making your bed!!! First thing you should do in your day is MAKE YOUR BED!!

When I paint I listen to motivational videos on youtube, it keeps me inspired and driven. I learn something new EVERY TIME.

I also listen to upbeat music!! This keeps me "upbeat!" wow huge shocker!

I hope this was helpful to whomever reads this!! If you have any questions please don't be shy to ask! I recommend you create morning rituals for yourself, make them realistic and create the habit!! It will change your life. Good luck and remember that your life is the way it is because of you, if you want to see changes you have to MAKE changes!!

Last thing, life is not trying, you either do, or you don't do something. So don't tell yourself that you will try to do it. You have to make the decision that either you will do it, or you won't.

Good luck!!! I know you'll do great!! xoxo

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