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How I Manifested My Tesla

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We're living in a video game and were the coders and the players... Yes, it is the Matrix. Design how you please <3

Happy Tuesday Vegan Chicken Nuggets

As I sit down to write this in my beautiful, waterfront, modern apartment. Not saying this to say look at me, however, I truly believe I manifest everything in my life. Somehow, I got my dream apartment.

Yes I put in work to find the right place, and I pay the rent - however I believe when we put it out there what we want, then those opportunities or situations are attracted to us.

It's really as simple as deciding what you want, then believing that it's yours.

Honestly I kind of look at it as a game, my goals and aspirations just keep getting bigger, 1. because I'm a dreamer, but 2. I want to see just how much I can manifest, and believe me it really does keep going.

When I think about everything I have wanted to become, or achieve, I really have done it.

Number 1, don't worry about the how - the how will figure itself out. Truly trust in the what - believe in the what. You subconscious will attract a way for you to do it or figure it out.

Every time I got into the Volvo I would visualize the Tesla logo in the middle of the wheel. It was so surreal the first time I got into the Tesla and saw the T there for real... I just thought holy shit I really did it, its been a year and a half and I still get in and think holy shit, I really did it.. .at 23... not bad, what else can I do. I would like to think I'm not materialistic... but I am. I like luxury, I like driving in comfort, I like heated seats, I like a fire sound system... and that's totally ok!

Now the reason why I'm ok with these 'materialistic' things is because it's about the experience that it creates everyday. No offence Volvo, I loved my V8, it was just what I needed while learning how to drive, although every time I get into my Tesla my heart sinks a little, I am just so happy. It doesn't get old. I feel so much inner peace and joy, and empowerment that I can literally do anything I set my mind to.

I feel safer, it just glides through the lanes.


I put it on several vision boards, so I could see it everyday, I would visualize myself driving in it. After a year or so I literally went to Tesla, maybe at 20 years old - I went to the dealership, sat in the car, picked what colour/interior I wanted, and seriously sat there for a minute imagining that it was mine.

Most importantly I believed that I could, and that I would.

Now when I truly decided I would get it all of a sudden I realized I did have enough money and it all happened within 2 weeks. I swear the world just moved out of the way and said here you go.

Now when I went to actually pick it up I started to freak out a bit thinking omg can I actually afford this, then no joke 5 minutes after I left the dealership my mom called to say someone wants to buy your painting (which would cover a few months of car payments). I genuinely think that if I didn't take the leap to buy the car, or do certain things that I do - opportunities wouldn't present themselves the way they do.

Anyways, whether you believe the power of your mind to be true or not, it is. It is the most powerful force in the universe - the power of thought.

Be oh so careful about what you think, and only think about what you want - because you will manifest it even if you're not trying. That's just how it works :) It is all energy, and you will attract what is on the same vibration as you - so if you're not sure how to attract a better life, focus on bettering yourself, read good books, workout, eat clean, stop gossiping, it all plays a role in your vibration.

Take some time right now to write down 10 things you want / want to achieve, be specific, brainwash your subconscious until you believe it and watch the magic work.

3 simple steps

  1. Manifest it

  2. Create an Action Plan

  3. Work


  1. Write it down

    1. In your journal daily

    2. put it on a vision board so you can see it

  2. Repetition, say it out loud

  3. Feel emotion behind the statement

    1. Literally feel your heart pounding faster as you get excited

  4. Feel it in your body

    1. My chest is warm

  5. Rid of any limiting beliefs

    1. write down any of your limiting beliefs, you will know if you feel any self doubt, then burn that piece of paper (safely).


    1. You can not get specific enough!!!

    2. When, what colour, what size, what shape, whatever it is think of every detail

  7. Speak and think as if it's already yours.

    1. Thank you for my beautiful, white Tesla model 3, i am so grateful, my chest is warm, I feel so alive every time I get into it.

    2. I said Thank you for my beautiful, white Tesla with cream interior for about 4 years before I got it. (I didn't get cream interior but thats because I chose not to)

Happy Manifesting <3



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