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KEY-TO LIFE KETO BAR - Plant Based Protein Bars


Order them online here!

There are 6 Different Flavours:

  • Vanilla Chai Cheesecake

    • Least favourite flavour however it was my mums favourite. So goes to show everyone is different and try them all!!

These bars are awesome because they Keto Bars! Hense the name. Which means they’re low in carbs which cause blood sugar levels to drop which allows the body to begin breaking down fat to use as energy. This puts their body into Ketosis. The Ket-to Life bars have 10g of protein! Which is why I like them because being a vegetarian I like to always have a protein bar on me. Especially one that doesn’t spike my blood sugar because I find most “protein” or “health” bars are really just full of sugar. For some reason I found the bars quite salty, I’m not sure if it was actually salty but there was some taste about it that didn’t settle with me. WHY HEMP

  • Lowers Cholesterol & Moderates blood sugar

  • Helps with body weight control

  • Speeds up muscle recovery after exercise

  • Promotes optimal brain development and function

  • Improves dry skin and hair conditions

These are just a few reasons!! Click here for more info on why Help is used in their products and why it’s so good for you!

Photos by: Olga Zwart

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