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Lagree for the First time!

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017

Sarah Walker and I went to Lagree West Lonsdale for the first time. 7am class, which we really enjoyed! It was an awesome workout. Its night now and I can feel my serratus anterior muscles are sore, which is amazing because they're one of my favourite muscles and I never know how to work them!

It was a super interesting workout. The classes are only 40 minutes. We did lunges, planks, crunches, bicep curls. The possibilities are endless on that machine! It seriously got all the little muscles that are harder to work. (Inside of your thighs and majority of your core!) Is what I found was sore, although Sarah had mentions her glutes and thighs as well.

Afterwards Sarah and I stopped at wholefoods to get a muffin :) Then we went swimming! /just jumped in, but still it was amazing, also freezing but it felt great. Fun fact Sarah has a hot tub so we went over to hers to warm up.. this all happened before 9am.

I came home, showered, ate, started to paint. Cat was sending me snaps which I saw she was at Ibos (which meant she was with the crew) so I facetimed her because I actually miss all those nuggets so much. It's friday.. and it was night over there so they were getting ready to go out. I made a joke and said yah me too! and held up a 26 of tequila. Drew odds me to finish it.. because there wasnt that much left but still a decent amount.. So obviously I lost... literally we both said 7 at the same time.. and since mamma didn't raise no bitch I had to finish it. It's about 2:30pm for me.. so midday. But I did it!!! Cat didnt believe I would do it.... where is the faith cat WHERE IS THE FAITH. Then we all had a party, Ibo and Cat did a little dance for me.. Then I got back to painting. The asian flesh started to kick in so thats when you know its real. I was actually tipsy it was pretty funny.

At about 5 I went to the gym. Had an AWESOME workout. Yesterday I went to the gym with Brock and we did some HIIT/conditioning. I'm happy with my strength right now so I am more interested in conditioning. Anyways I had a super intense workout with lots of HIIT exercises. Then some stretching of course :)

2 hours later I made my way home, made a smoothie, writing this, then I will do some reading/writing.

"Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job."

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