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Singapore - Day 2 - Nov.14.18

“Travel doesn’t become an adventure until you leave yourself behind.” -Mary Rubin

What a day to be alive.

I went to the gym for a solid 2 hours, as I was walking upstairs mum was on her way down, asked me to come back and train her. So My morning started off with 3 hours in the gym, nothing I would rather do :)

Had a nice breakfast with dad, we went back to the room for an hour and all did a bit of computer work. Made our way into town to hop on a Hop On Hop Off Bus… Yeah we couldn't figure out how to get on it! We were at what was supposed to be the bus stop and the bus drove right past us. So after a bit we decided to do the Boat River Tour ($23.00) - that was nice because it was an insanely hot day! We saw the city from the water which is also our favourite. :)

After we went to Clarke Quay which was just right across the river. It felt like it was deserted though! We realized this city is more of a night city because it is so bloody humid during the day. I got a Matcha drink, we had lunch, went to the mall and did a bit of damage.. :D

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