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Singapore - Day 3 ft. Indonesia - Nov.15.18

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

We had a quick breaky and made our way into town because we went into Indonesia today!!! How cool is that, just a 40 minute ferry, $50.00 each return. On the ferry mum was asking a man a few questions, and the man ended up offering us a ride into the city. Obviously we were quite skeptical about it, but I would like to say we’re pretty good at judging a character, and I mean I am writing this blog so we obviously made it home ok!!! You forget that there really are just kind people who want to help. He gave use ride, didn’t ask for any money, we obviously still gave him something. Mum also left a few little surprises in the back of the car for him to find eventually! $$$ :D They speak Bahasa, to be honest have never even heard of that language before!

It’s crazy how only 40 minutes away life can be so different! It feels like a whole other world. Singapore is soooo beautiful and spotless, while Batam, Indonesia is cool to see but holy not the same life. We were only there for about 4 hours. Not too much to see in that area, just lots of shopping and we are not huge shoppers. We did get a little because it is crazy cheap, then mum and I got a Thai Massage, I have never got one before and it felt so good!! Just what I needed.

I really enjoy Singapore, it is a beautiful country, although to be honest I probably wouldn’t come back. Or at least it wouldn’t be a priority. I am more of a land person, I am more fascinated by nature, and beaches or mountains or waterfalls than beautiful cities. Came back, had Mexican for dinner, the malls here are massive and have full on restaurants in them. We thought we would come back to the resort for a little bit, drop our bags, shower, then go back for the Light show at 9pm…. but now were in bed and tired so thats probably it for the day. Tomorrow night! xo


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