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Sydney Day 10 - Leg Day Baby - Sept 29, 2018

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” -Mark Twain

My sleeping hours are all over the place right now!

Anyways I started the morning by making my way to school! It was only a 2 hour course to update my CPR for Personal Training. Afterwards I went straight to the gym. It was my first real leg day and it felt so good!!! I did basically my whole workout in the outdoor area. It was so fun!! Really hot, but there’s quite a bit of a breeze here so it cooled me down. Caught up with Mum and Taish on my way home. Showered, ate, and got ready for Adriana and Todd!

They’re literally the best people. Cat, Drew and I met them last year when we were in Switzerland. We were literally all just walking towards a Castle and met them along the path, instantly became friends and spent the day together. It was literally just a couple hours but I feel like I’ve know them for years! I am very thankful to have met them. They took me to Watson’s Bay to check it out, then over to a Mexican restaurant in Newtown. I’m obsessed with them! They said let them know where I want to go and they’ll take me anywhere! And have plans for sailing, a trip up to the Gold Coast, Party Boat, a Water park! So many fun ideas!!

After we did a quick walk around the Anzac Bridge - the other main bridge in Sydney that no one knows about!

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