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Sydney Day 12 - Bronte Beach - 10.01.18

“Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.” -Anonymous

Again I woke up at about 5am, even though I went to bed at midnight. Was up till about 7am, then went back to sleep till 10am. I had a chill morning, made the usual smoothie, walked down to Bronte Beach. It was crazy packed because it was a national holiday.

Brought my work down to the beach but once I got there I just laid down. This is why I don’t go out often because then you’re too tired to do anything!! I went in the water even though it’s still pretty cold. But knowing me I can’t resist cold water, or any water, preferably warm water… but any water will do!

I thought about going to the gym…. but then I laid down till the thought passed. Grandpa used to say to Grandma, when they were walking and she was looking into store windows. He would say, “You feel like buying something don’t you?” She said, “Yes”, Gramps continued with, “well, lets go lay down until the thought passes.”

Man oh man he was an incredible man.

Honestly it was a pretty slow day… just did some editing when I got home, dinner with Linda. I am so happy about being here with her!! We all know I’m not much of a cook, but she makes these amazing, simple, vegetarian recipes.. so now I’m actually excited about making food!!! Otherwise I usually only make smoothies and salads for myself because they’re easy….

Journaled before I went to sleep and that was it!

I decided I am not going to keep up the daily blogs because now that I am working there won’t be many exciting things going down. I mean it’s exciting for me!! But probably not for you to read. This will also give me more time to focus on Vlogs/people/companies that I have partnered with!

If anyone even reads this far and thinks otherwise, then maybe I’ll reconsider! xx Sky

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