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Sydney Day 2 - Sept 20, 2018


Woke up at 5am this morning. Could have gotten up at 3 but I tried to sleep more. Not too hard to change over to here! I fell asleep at 7pm last night :) Happy camper with lots of sleep - I am hoping to shift my schedule earlier while I’m here - I would like to wake up at 5am…. maybe even earlier but we’ll start with 5! and get to bed by 9pm.. I feel like that won’t happen but I’ll put it out there for myself!

Linda and I were going to go for a walk this am, but it was pouring! So I did my morning rituals, 5 minutes meditation, journal, usually I read and do 10 pushups but as I'm writing this I realized I forgot my pushups! I will do that once I get home :) and go for a run later/ outdoor workout. I took the 367 bus to Bondi Junction, lol once I got here I realized I have NO idea where I’m going! I know I was going to find a store to get a phone plan but I had no idea where that was.. Asked a few people and all is well in the world I got there.

As I was walking it finally started to hit me that I am in an entirely new country, knowing one person who lives here, absolutely no plan on where to live permanently, if I want to work right away or travel around a bit. I want to be completely honest in these blogs because I feel like most people keep this stuff to themselves, so when trying to make a big decision like this you don’t have all the facts you need to base your decision off!

No I was not scared or nervous leading up to this. Honestly I was so busy at home I hadn’t even thought about anything! I just kept saying to myself and others “I’ll figure it out once I get there!” Not here I am… time to figure it out… its not necessarily scary, but more just… lol wtf am I doing. The questions to myself right now are along the lines of do I want to travel around first or get a job and find somewhere to life? I feel like I might start working asap because tbh I really did not come with a lot of money! I am not someone who is motivated by money so if I don’t have a purpose for it I don’t have a huge desire to accumulate it. I more just do what I love and am continuously working on a way to make that work for me - and make it into my living. I know I love to teach fitness so that is what I will start with. I walked into Fitness First this morning and spoke to the Group Fitness Manager - I will send him my certifications and hopefully that will workout! Then Linda asked my if I’m opening a bank account here… well… I didn’t think about that.. I guess I will if I need too? This is when I begin to laugh at myself because its like wow…. really haven’t thought of anything… But hey thats ok!! Thats whats part of the adventure, thats what I wanted. I wanted to learn how to adapt to my surroundings - be put in a situation that I am not commutable with - that is how we learn and grow. I believe we should be pushed to grow 24/7. So this is how I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone. I mean its not even that big of a deal - I have a cousin here so I am beyond blessed to even have that to start with!!

Its pretty cold out today so I am just working away in the Westfield Mall. It is 11:40am currently - I have lots of editing to catch up on. But I feel like I might go for a walk and find a new cafe! Its great that we have no wifi at Lindas because it gets me to work outside of the house and mingle.

Before I went to Fitness First a man came up to me - one of those people who works for a charity and talks to people on the street - he’s the one who mentioned it! So when I finally walked past it I figured I better go in, step outside of my comfort zone and basically ask if there hiring.

I came home, was a lot more tired than I thought so had a nap for 2 hours. Once I got up I went for a run. My first run!!! It was literally 10 minutes to Bondi! I was in awe. I still can’t believe this is reality I am SO happy.

Ran back home, then Linda, Hemeh (her Japanese student) and I all walked back down to Bindi for dinner at Nude Fish- It was poke bowls and they were so yummy!! ($14 for a small bowl - which was still huge). Linda and I came home and Hemeh went out with her friends.

We might have had a little GnT… :) Taish was laughing at me before I left because she said I’ll get along great with Linda because thats her favourite drink too. Everyones always so shocked when Ms. Health Nut orders a GnT.

Went to bed at around 10!

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