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Sydney Day 5 - Tourist Day - Sept 23, 2018

What a day to be alive! Grandpa used to say:

“Everyday is a good day, just some days are better.”

I woke up at 5am, did my morning rituals (meditate 5 mins, 10 pushups, journal, tea, usually read but I haven’t been doing that in the mornings yet). I went for a run at about 6:45am - 8:30am or so. Just the usual down to Bondi. I absolutely adore that run.

Came home, showered, packed my bag for the day, did some blogging while I was waiting for Linda to come back. She walked me over to the Ferry - It was a 25 minute walk or so.

Took the 11am ferry, it was literally 11 minutes into Circular Quay - The harbour bridge and Opera house. Walked around for 5 hours, took some pics for a few products that I had on me. I went into The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia - I didn’t stay for long because you weren’t allowed to bring your bags in and I had my computer on me so I didn’t want to leave it at the front. I will go another day with just a little purse because it looked cool!

Found a yummy vegan bowl and ate that just under the bridge looking at the Opera house. It’s pretty cool that I’m here!! Its funny because right now I’m a tourist but by the end of the trip I’m sure it will be no big deal to see all that stuff.

I’m not much of a city girl, I very much appreciate nature more. So I probably won’t go back into walk around unless I have a reason too or a few other places to see. Otherwise I would rather explore different beaches, and small local areas.

Took the Ferry back to Rose Bay, talked to a nice older man about who knows what. He was telling me about random stuff. Funny man, I feel like everyone in Australia is funny.

Linda and I walked over to a Chinese Restaurant to meet cousin Mary and her boyfriend Neil. Mary is my Grandmas first cousin! I’m not sure what that makes her to me, but either way its pretty cool how much family we’ve got over here!! Man oh man is Mary funny!!! Actually hilarious I cant even explain. We had dinner there the last time I was here, 8 years ago!! I cant believe I remember it! The waiter loved me it was hilarious, he gave me an extra glass of wine to say welcome to Sydney. And told me to come back.. We’ll see Freddy we’ll see. (His name was Freddy.)

Came home, had a GnT.. then obviously it was 9:30pm which means bedtime for Sky!! Linda still cant believe it.

TAN UPDATE: @bombbabestan

Its day 6 of the tan and I still have a little bit, its basically gone but it faded very evenly!! I also forgot to moisturize as much as I should, so I’m sure if I kept that up twice a day it would stay on a little longer!

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