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Sydney Day 9 - No Shower Happy Hour - Sept 28, 2018

In any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth, or to step back into safety.” -Abraham Maslow

Ok Babes,

Today was a fun and full day.

Obviously started with my rituals. Trained Daniel at IFit Bondi for 6:45-7:30am. Came home quickly to grab a bag for the day. Bused to Bondi Junction, then the Train to Town Hall. Had development with Fitness First at their Park Street location from 9:30-11:30am. Afterwards I walked down with Valentina, one of the trainers to The Zone. (Another location of Fitness First - where Valentina works. This location is SO cool!!! I don’t even know how to explain it. I will do a tour in one of the Vlogs - sorry I’m catching up on those! Just trying to organize my life lol.)

Continued to walk around downtown a bit more - walked into a big crowd in Hyde Park- I think it was something about voting for the Green Party..? I honestly have no idea. It was such a beautiful day I was so lucky!!!

Finally made my way back to the trains, then home! Had a quick bite, shower, then down to Bondi since my data wasnt working so I brought my computer down to the beach since theres wifi there :) Applied for a Tax File Number, and signed up for a CPR Course on Saturday. I need to update it for being a PT. Came back home wuickly, changed and packed a different bag! Bused back to Bondi Junction, walked over to Orange Theory for the No Shower Happy Hour Class! Its the last class of the day then afterwards they all walk over to a little bar/restruarnt for drinks. However, Orange Theory hosts challenges, so it was also a way for them to give out the awards/ announce winners. It genuinely makes me so happy to see the fitness community come together, and do much more than just exercise together! It was so nice, and Orange Theory covered all the drinks and food!

Big night for Sky, I made it out till 10:30!!! Linda still laughs at me.

So was a great day, met lots of people from all over too! XO

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