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Sydney - Understanding Your Body - 30.10.18

Hi hi hi!

Ok, so I am not sure why it took me so long to realize, but today I finally connected the dots! The first week I got here I got shin splits, I run a lot at home, but not as much as I was running when I first got here. Usually I run once or twice a week for 30 minutes outside, and do intervals once or twice a week on the treadmill. But when I got here I was running 1-2 hours a day. So makes sense my legs kill. I have had this huge knot on my right shin - Tibialis anterior for those of you nerds like me.

It is honestly soooo painful, it feels like my shin is swollen. When stuff like this happens I usually ask when did it start. - The first week I got here, where is it located? - lower legs (in GNM the lower legs relate to feeling of “feeling stuck” which duhhhh I 100% did!! Also in GNM - when something happens, a disease or “injury” its once you have entered the healing phase.) So all is well I know I am healing, but it is important to connect the dots! I am not 100% sure how long I will be “healing”. I have been rolling a ton, and have been barely running, but it still hasn’t made a difference. So now at least I know the psychological factor, which means the energy can begin to flow again.

Our bodies talk to us, it is important to listen. If you don’t then it will continue to give you signs until you do. It has now started to irritate my knee, which I tend to get nervous about that stuff because my fear is to be physically injured because I just don’t know how I could live a life without exercise. I know that my injuries are my responsibility to figure out what my body is telling me.

Now I can’t go back and undo how I felt at home - feeling stuck in place not being able to travel. It’s not that I was unhappy at home, you all know I absolutely love my home and my family. But it is my burning desire to travel. Seriously that’s all I think about. I have 3 art pieces in my room with the map of the world… Just finally I wasn’t able to support my travels! Finally I made it happen though! Ok back to what it meas. So I can’t take back how I felt, but I can learn for the future, to remember that where I am in the present moment is exactly where I am supposed to be! PATIENCE. Patience is everything. Patience is a virtue. THE POINT?!

The point of this is obviously not to tell you that I have skin splints. But to remind you that our bodies communicate with us. And it will continue to give us hints until we clue in. So, when you get injured, or anything happens, ask yourself what is it trying to tell you? When did it start? What was happening emotionally at that time? Where is it located on the body? Literally just google what that part of the body symbolizes! This isn’t anything new!! It should be common knowledge. We are such advanced beings, it would honestly be ignorant to ignore the fact that everything means something. It may not be huge, but I guarantee it means something. Its looking out for you and giving you a warning. If you don’t believe in energy, or symbolism, or spirituality, or stuff like that - I strongly advise you to reconsider. It’s like when we used to think the Earth was flat.. just because we thought it was flat, it was still round. Just because you don’t believe in this stuff, doesn’t mean it still isn’t true.


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