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Tofino, BC | Vancouver Island | 2 Nights

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Sept 25, 2020

For my birthday present this year Sebastian took me to Tofino on the island because, as much as I love gifts, I love experiences more.

One question I ask myself is “If my house was burning, and I could only grab 3 things what would it be?”

Besides my family being safe, the only thing I could think about were my photos, or my hard drive/computer but only because of the photos saved on them. Photos to me represent memories, memories are experiences, therefore the most important thing to me are my experiences.

Yes I love ‘nice’ things, I love gold and diamonds, I love all that ‘stuff’. But when it comes down to it, I couldn’t care less. The only thing clearly important to me are the experiences I share with my loved ones, and my self.

Therefore all I asked for was an experience. And that’s I got :)

Actually I also asked for a camera lol, but only so I could capture the experiences! (I’ll have to get that one for myself.)

So anyways, we had the most fabulous time! It was a little smokey but it just made Tofino feel that much more majestic.


  • Best Western (On the water, most affordable and beautiful, hot tub overlooking the water) $315/night

  • Pacific Sands (Beautiful space, on the water, more expensive)

  • Ocean Village Resort Tofino (Beautiful space, on the water, more expensive)

  • Mackenzie Beach Resort (Beautiful space, on the water, more expensive)

  • The Inn (On the water near the marina, in town, super cute but little place)

  • Zed Hotel (Not on the water, affordable, younger vibe)

  • The Wichaninnish Inn - Probably the nicest one in tofino, on Chesterman beach


  • Tacofino (Absolute best burritos ever)

  • Shelter (little before the main road)

  • Wolf in the Fog (Super popular, not for us because not many veggie options)

  • Shed (Fun vibe, great music, not the greatest veggie options but they had a few and they were good)

  • Big Daddy’s Fish Fry

  • Schooner (still not many veggie options, but more than the rest)

  • Tofino Lick (Ice Cream shop)

  • Tofino Brewing Co (Brewery)


  • Tofititian (Best chai oat milk latte, also phenomenal butter croissant)

  • Common Loaf bread (The cutest little shop at probably the most variety of things. Really tasty veggie sandwich, yummy chai tea as well, but they just use the regular syrup.)

  • Rhino (Not my fav but still a great shop, desserts looked amazing, same chai latte used with syrup, was yummy but not fresh)

  • Zoe’s Bakery and cafe (Uculet)


  • Chesterman beach (Great for surfing)



DAY 1 5:15 am: Wake up & leave for Ferry 6:30am Ferry (We reserved a space, $10, and $90 for the actual ferry with a car) 8:30am: Got off and drove to Tofino, stopped at Goat on the Roof (a little market, I thought it was a coffee shop, but got some fresh Hazelnut milk!). Also stopped at a cliff jumping spot along the wall. 12pm: Arrived at Best western, check in wasn’t till 4 so we went into town to have a look and got a coffee (chai tea oat milk latte) for me at Rhino, went to Tacofino for lunch. Super long wait but worth it. 2pm: went to the beach to eat our burrito 2:30pm: Check in (our room was ready early) 3:30pm: Swim in the Ocean 4pm: Hot tub (had to reserve it) we both passed out a bit on the deck 5pm: Showered 5:30pm: Napped 7pm: woke up and got ready for dinner 7:30pm: Went to Tacofino to eat but it was closed so we went right next door and got a veggie burger, but it was the beyond meat one. Honestly don’t love them because I don’t like the taste of meat anymore. But great for someone transitioning! 8:30pm: Bonfire on the beach right outside our hotel, with wine :) Fell asleep at 9:30-11pm A kind man offered us extra wood 11pm: Packed up and went to bed:

DAY 2 8am: Wake up 830am