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Vietnam Travel Guide & Tips

Updated: Aug 12, 2021


  • Pack minimal! You’ll most likely end up wearing the same thing (unless you’re a fashion blogger). I literally barely brought any clothes and I still didn’t wear half.

  • Bring a shirt, long pants, and runners and flip flops. Certain places you may need to be fully covered, you also don’t want to attract any attention with bare skin.

  • I wore a tank top, then put my purse under a t-shirt so you couldn’t even see my purse straps. But honestly it has been very safe.

  • Crossing the road… just walk and put your hand up. The first time might be scary because it seems like everyone will drive into you, but they all are used to cars, pedestrians, and motorbikes so it works.

  • Bring a little pharmacy kit! Maybe oil of oregano, or whatever you think would be helpful if you got sick. Taisha and I currently feel horrible as I am writing this. We actually had to cancel our day/ over night to a village 5 hours away from Hanoi because we feel so bad.

    • Oregano Oil

    • China-Oel

    • Grapefruit Skin Oil

  • Bring a mouth cover! The air is quite bad if you’re coming from somewhere like Canada where it is so clean. I usually am never sick but I was sick in Taiwan and now Vietnam again. Its really bad in my throat/chest so I think a cover for the mouth would be very helpful.

  • Lastly, make sure to leave some room in your bag/ suitcase because the shopping is fabulous here!!

  • If you’re like me and have quite a few dietary restrictions, pack protein bars!!! They’re a life saver just incase :)



  • Golden Art Hotel: We’ve basically stayed here the entire time. Excellent staff and service. Very kind and very helpful, we have booked HaLong Bay Cruise and exchanged american to Vietnamese money through the hotel. They also booked a bus / tour to SAPA but we had to cancel because Taish and I felt horrible.

    • They also provide breakfast and you have to try the banana pancakes!!

  • Vietnam backpackers hostel (party)

  • Friends inn (small, nice private rooms, cheap)

  • Would suggest to stay in the Old Town - it is easy to walk around, every direction is something different. / lots of great shopping and the lake is close - where the double decker is


  • Day trip to Ko Roc

  • literacy temple

  • Walk around old town: Great shopping and a cute little street thats packed/ I believe they call it the beer street because it is the party area

    • 1900 is a club on it which was super fun. It was a rave.

  • Night market

  • Coconut popsicles in square by pond - Amazing coffee

  • Double Decker tour bus: Great to just sit on it the whole time and go around.

  • Prison

  • War Museum


  • Tip: They often add sugar and milk to smoothies, so we learnt to ask for no sugar and no dairy because 1. they both weaken your immune system, which you need it to be strong when you’re travelling and 2. Fresh juice is already so sweet!

  • New way (awesome traditional Vietnamese)

  • Trill (western/traditional mix, so vibey)

  • Hanoi social club (healthy)

  • Xofa (western/trad mix, really cool, open all hours of day, amazing coconut milk coffee)

  • Cafe giang (famous egg coffee! A must - don’t be scared by sketchy alley to get there)

  • Fruity fact (amazing juices)


It was beautiful, the nature and the boat.

  • Book through hotel/hostel

  • 1-2 day cruise, (Princess Cruise)

  • They give you tons of food, and they accommodated everyone's diet requirements (we’re vegetarian)

  • We went Kayaking, and the next day went to caves early in the morning. It was more like a tunnel than a cave, but still very cool.

  • From a friend: castaway tour booked through Vietnam backpackers hostel (huge party- booze cruise & stay on private island - it is a lot but so fun)

From a friend: *OVERNIGHT BUS TO SAPA - green bus company booked thru Sapa Su. (~7 hours)* We went back to Hanoi for a night, then was going to do the 5 hour bus to Sapa - but had to cancel as mentioned above.


  • Homestay! Booked through Sapa Su (tour guide that brings you on the trek - crucial, would get so lost without)

  • Sapa su trekking tours (message her through Facebook)


  • trekking - 5-7 hours a day (so so so beautiful, not as hard as you’d think) - Stop along way for lunch in small villages




  • morning glory (amazing!)

  • Cargo (a little more western with Vietnamese flare, amazing roof patio)

  • Coco box (COCONUT ICE CREAM COFFEE &smoothies) - Kahuna beach club (really cool, really good food)

  • Santa Villa hotel**** (amazing! Right on beach - decided to stay there instead of town which


  • Shopping!! Known for its shops - actually bought so many great things for great prices. Handmade leather/clothes/jewelry/shoes

*FLY FROM DA NANG TO HO CHI MINH (1hr), BUS TO MUI NE (5hrs)* **We didn't get to but IF YOU HAVE TIME GO TO DALAT!!!!!!! APPARENTLY AMAZING -Canyoning and cute places and do a homestay for cooking lessons and cultural experience



  • sandals (amazing, by far best resto in town, a little expensive. In Mia resort)

  • Ganesh (Indian)


  • Mui Ne hills budget hotel (not that nice, a bunch of diff priced hotels attached and can use their pools, cheap, good location, party)

  • Coconut boat tour

  • - An dang beach was great call, easy bike or taxi to town. A little more expensive but not too bad!)


  • -Mia resort***** (unreal - paid 230,000dong (about 13$) to use loungers/pool for the day - worth it if you want a nice beach day since there aren’t really public beaches)

  • white sand dunes (best at sunrise)

  • Red sand dunes

  • Fishing village

  • Fairy stream

  • Kitesurfing

  • book tour thru hotel/hostel



  • Secret garden (up a million sort of sketchy stairs, rooftop, great & cheap traditional food)

  • Cong caphe (COCONUT COFFEE!!! The best yet. 3 locations)

  • Sky bar (views, $)

  • The view (great view/atmo, cheaper. Good for drinks/food) - Thud cafe

  • The note (cafe)

  • Une journee a Paris (French cafe)

  • Hum vegetarian

  • Ciao Bella (Italian)

  • Vy Da backpackers hostel 2 (cheap, nice beds, their other location is better)

Activities / Restaurants / Accommodation

  • War remnants museum ❤

  • Walk around downtown

  • Roof bars

  • Post office

  • Cathedral

  • Bars


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