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What's Next?!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Well that was fun!!

6 Months.. a long time? Short time? Felt like a life time, but also went by in a blink of the eye. I actually can’t believe it’s over. Sad because it was a bloody good time. Although I could not be more excited to get home and get to workkkk. I am blessed to have so many things going for me, bored is never an option. The only question is which direction to step in first. Although I think I’ll give them all a go.

I actually had the time of my life. Each to their own, but everyone should give it a go!

This past week I found myself staring at the harbour or out at the candy ocean asking myself if I wanted to make this place home? Because we really can do anything. We can make anything happen for ourselves. It is simply a decision. I love my home, Vancouver - although I also love my new home, Sydney!! The ideal world would be to be able to hop back and forth whenever I please. Hence why I blog, paint, do everything that I do, so that I am not tied to only one location and can take my work anywhere. Also a reason why I want to get into acting. Travelling is apart of the job!

So Whats Next?? Everyone keeps asking.

WELL FRIENDS! Life just continues!

My plan

Till the end of April at least 100% of my focus goes into painting/Art Vancouver. However! I will still continue to see Dot (my acting coach) and explore that world, do a few days on a set.

May - potentially Cabo, LA, and Brazil…. Bruno if you’re reading this I really wasn’t kidding..

June - South Korea for another Art Show

July & August - HOME JAMES HOME!! I would love to be home for a bit of time, summer in Van is heaven. Depending if I am home for a decent amount of time then teach some fitness classes at HCC in the morning, then see Dot/auditions/gym/circus school?! Gymnastics, continue to paint for the other shows, go into the Art van office, and help out on some film sets.

September - Home for the first half, then ideally make my way to Germany, Italy, Spain. Maybe not all of them but at least 1.

October - Back home!

November - I think we have another art show in Taiwan

December - Home!!! Killeens for Christmas!!!??? and Whistler for New Years :) First time in awhile I’ll potentially be home for New Years.

January.. Maybe back to Sydney for an exhibition!!!??

Nothing is quite set is stone but those are my plans so I will keep you posted! Some people don’t like to share their plans just in case it doesn’t happen.. I get that, but I also think it’s silly sometimes because I find when I tell people about my plans I am more inclined to really make it happen because I can’t just talk the talk I gotta walk the walk!

Anyways, happy to be here, wherever I am. Life is good, I have no complaints, I genuinely want to cry because I am so happy and sad and just feel blessed to be living this life!

Thank you to everyone I have met in the past 6 months for being you, being in my life, and making this experience so insanely extraordinary. And thank you to all my loved ones at home for making me excited to come home to you. I know I’m rambling I just can’t express how grateful I am for everyone in my life. It’s really all about the people.

Thank you

Love you



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