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Why I Say Have The Best Day of Your Life Everyday... And Mean It.

Feb 1, 2022

It only takes a moment for your life to change.

If you haven't noticed already, I say have the best day of your life everyday, and truly mean it.

Some people think I'm being sarcastic... but I'm actually so serious. Have the intention to make each and everyday the best day ever. One of my co-workers the other day said "Oh well we always have tomorrow" I subtly responded and said "hopefully" and she looks up and said "wow.. morbid."

I'm never trying to be morbid, but tomorrow truly is not guaranteed, even an hour from now is not. Literally anything could happen. As Allexanne's Birthday comes around I am reminded just how fragile life is, and it only takes a moment to change your life; and everyone you love's life. It all happened so fast I still find myself coming to terms that she is no longer in LA, or on this planet.

I will never ever be a "poor me" person. And it's shitty, it is, I miss her, I wish we could raise our kids together and be each others bridesmaids. But thats not the reality, the reality is that she passed at 28, I got a phone call at 2:30am from my mom to say go to LA and say bye NOW. By 7am we were in Bellingham on a flight. Saw her in the hospital for a day, begged the universe to save her life, didn't work. We're fine.

There is always a life lesson, I've learnt it, and I'm grateful to learn it young. I will never, ever waste anytime doing something that doesn't serve me and/or others. It's up to you to make everyday so meaningful.

If you've experienced loss I'm sorry, it truly is so shitty, but don't waste that pain being sad and mundane, use it as so much drive to propel your life forward, be so efficient with your time, truly live your best life each and everyday. Reminding myself about the fact that I'm going to die, literally takes all my stress away because nothing really matters! It all matters, but it also doesn't. Relax, enjoy the ride.

If you haven't experienced that kind of loss... I'm also sorry. Lol jk, but its hard to imagine the feeling because I don't think you can truly understand as I didn't before Al. However, take my advice, take others advice, don't wait for something horrible to happen before you realize just how precious this "one" lifetime is. Wake up everyday exuberant (or try to), inspire others, be of service to the world and do what you love.

I can't stress it enough just how important it is to be aware of how quickly things can change, to try to experience joy in each and every moment.

I always remind myself "this too shall pass." It makes me feel better when I'm down, and it reminds me to soak in every second when I'm up.

Happy Living Mofos,

Make the best of it <3



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