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Dear Mama, you are aprecaited.

My Everything.

Happy Birthday to my absolute best friend!!! I hope you have an extraordinary day! I can’t wait to celebrate with you. Love and miss you so so much <3

I constantly remind myself how blessed I am to have not only the best mother in the world, but to have a mother by my side in this life.

Mum thank you. I am speechless when it comes to thinking about you. You are genuinely the most amazing person. Love you for all you imperfections. If it wasn’t for you I would not be where I am. Who knows when I would even find my passion.

Thank you for always making me stretch.

Thank you for all the mystery juices.

Thank you supporting my every move, if not encouraging me to make them.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your unconditional love.

Thank you for your effort into building a strong family.

Thank you for the back scratches. (Probably my greatest weakness.)

Thank you for your conspiracy theories.

Thank you for using your weaknesses to create my strengths.

Thank you for the visual analogies.

Thank you for teaching me the power of my thoughts and energy.

Thank you for being my best friend.

I love you so much it makes me cry. I feel so blessed to be loved by you and dad.

You guys did everything right. (could have maybe had a few more sweets in the house so I don’t have an uncontrollable sweet tooth.. but hey that’s also why I am so healthy now!)

Thank you for teaching me to trust the universe, and living my dreams.

I feel like we’re a family of 5 big kids. You are a huge inspiration to me everyday. (clearly since I moved to Australia because of all your stories.) Unfortunately I don’t have as many crazy stories, but maybe that’s for the best.

Thank you for this magic carpet ride.

Thank you for teaching me that happiness comes from within.

Thank you for teaching me that I create my life simply by my decisions and attitude.

Thank you for your generosity in every way possible towards everyone possible.

I want kids so bad because I can’t wait to recreate a relationship like ours. I am so thankful to have you in my life.

Thank you for everything you have given us, sacrificed for us, and continue to do for us. And thank you to everything you didn’t do for us. Independence is beautiful. And confidence is self built.

I am forever grateful for you. Can’t say thank you enough.

Please continue…..



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