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How to Shape Your ARMS!

Hey Babes,

So I know we all want those patio arms - personally I split my biceps, triceps and shoulders into all separate days. (Back & bis), (Chest & Tris), (Shoulders). But I want to make this simple for you so I'll put them all into one day! This workout will be about an hour, try it out **More than once! and keep working towards those results. You won't regret it I swear. :)

I always like to superset almost all my exercises (this means doing two exercises then rest, instead of one exercise for 3 sets then move onto the next one - just do them both then rest! This saves time and helps you tone.)

To keep it simple - always remember 3x10! 3 sets of 10 reps. (ex. 10 bicep curls, rest, repeat 3 times.)



  1. Bicep Curl (Palm facing up)

  2. Hammer Curl (Palm facing towards your body)

  3. Cross Curl (Bring the weight across the front of your body)


  1. Tricep extension (with cable or dumbbell)

  2. Dips (bodyweight on a bench)

  3. Skull-crushers (Dumbbell)


  1. Lateral Raise

  2. Front Raise

  3. Cross Body Raise (10 each side then switch)

  4. Military Press

You can superset either 2 exercises at once, or to make it easy you can do one from each group (3 exercises) then rest! So 3 sets of each exercise, then move onto a different set of exercises!

Its really not too difficult, it's like anything in life. Do it enough and eventually you'll get it!

xo, Message me if you have questions! <3

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