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BOOTY Building Exercises

Hi Babes!

Want to build that butt but have no idea how?! Well first things first, train heavy!! It doesn't have to be crazy heavy, you can slowly build up to more weight, but cardio is definitely not going to build it!

SQUATS! Plain and simply - just do them. There are so many different types of squatting to keep it interesting! Depending on what your goals are, you can mix it up with jump squats or jumping lunges.

To keep it simple, just think about your legs, you've got your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calfs - so if you don't know what to do just literally look down and then find machines that highlight those muscles, or just remember one exercise per muscle group:

  • Glutes: squats, lunges

  • Quads: Leg extension

  • Hamstrings: Hamstring Curl

  • Calfs: Calf raises

Quick and easy workout done!! But honestly, if you drive all the way to the gym you may as well make it worth your time and gas, so stay a while - get into it and have some fun! TIPS

  • start with the biggest muscles first, and work to the smallest - for example: legs - work top down, glutes -> quads/hamstrings -> calfs

  • lift heavy! make it hard!! no more than 10 reps. If 10 is easy then add a little bit more weight. I usually make it so that after 6 I'm ready to give up. However, then I'll do jump squats, so that when I go heavy I go heavy, but that doesn't mean you have to only do that! I superset the squat rack with jump squats. *So that I'm building the muscle, but the jump squats will help burn fat - if you like em thick and juicy then just focus on heavy lifting but personally I love muscles so I like to see them quite defined.

  • Start to increase the weight every couple weeks, even if its only a little! ** Achieve Progressive Overload

Exercises *Warm up with 5 minutes of stair climber

  1. Squats - 3x10

    1. Use the bar/ squat rack - start with just the bar!! do 3x10 (3 sets, 10 reps) if thats easy then add 10lbs, and keep adding until you feel like you might drop the bar **If your body weight is heavy enough then do that!! Don't be discouraged, we all have to start somewhere! Maybe aim for 15 or even 20x3

    2. Can also do different variations of squats: front squats, sumo squats

  1. Jump Squats -3x10

    1. Use a big block, start small, overtime start to use higher ones

  1. Leg Press - 3x10

  2. Curtsy Lunges - 3x10 *each side **I use the smith machine, you can use body weight, a barbell, or dumbbells

    1. Or walking lunges are amazing too!

  1. Hamstring Curls - 3x10

  2. Leg Extension - 3x10

  3. Gluten bridge/ hip thrust - 3x10 *hold on the 10th for as long as possible

  4. Calf Raises - 3x20

Use weight for all of these exercises!!

I often like to do intervals after my workouts (not everyday but most days) because it puts you into a fat burning mode for days afterwards (Called EPOC). I do this through sprints because I love running, although you can also do it on a bike. OR if you're just absolutely dead, finish off with 5 minute stair climber then head to the mat for a bit of core and stretching. ALWAYS FOAM ROLL!

DO THIS ONCE A WEEK! If you think that should be fine then build up to two - but working your legs will also work you belly because you're always engaging your core!! xo Have fun!

PS. Take progress pics, even if its just for yourself!

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