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My Workout Routine - 2017

Mon. Nov. 27, 2017

A few people have been asking what my workout routine is, and I'm so sorry its taken so long to share! I have switched it up since I've gotten back from my trip, I will share that in another post. But in this one I will explain what I have been doing for the past year. 3 day split:

Day 1: Legs Warm Up: 5 mins

  • stair master

Resistance Training: around 60 minutes

  • Barbell squats 4x10 (4 sets, 10 reps): 25lbs plate each side with a 45lbs bar

  • Deadlifts (Straight legged) 4x10: 25lbs plate each side with a 45lbs bar - sometimes I add an extra 5lbs to each side

  • Leg extension: 3x10 (each leg)- I do one leg at a time, 25lbs plate, then after 3 sets of each leg I do 3 sets of both legs and add another 25lb plate - so 50 all together

  • Hamstring Curl: 3x12 - 90lbs, on the last set I do a drop set - meaning I drop 20lbs each time and go till failure

  • Calf raises: 3x20 - 45lbs plate - at HCC there is a machine for this so that's what I use, otherwise you could do standing calf raises.

  • Curtsy Lunges: 3x10 (each leg) using the smith machine - 25lbs plate each side.

  • Glute Bridge: 3x15 (I do these on the smith machine as well, I just put a bench behind me so that I can rest basically my shoulders and upper back, and the bar rests on my hips (I have padding so that it doesn't hurt my hip bone)

see the bottom for the end of this workout

Day 2: Back & Shoulders Warm Up: 5 minutes

  • Rowing - I am for 1000m (I used to put it at 7 resistance but I just learnt that water is about 3.5 so never put it above 4) *Depending what you're working towards! Personally I put it at 3 now, so we will see how many meters I can shoot for.

Resistance Training: 60 Minutes

  • Face Pulls: 3x12 - 50lbs

  • Deadlifts (RDL): 4x10: 25lbs plate each side with a 45lbs bar - sometimes I add an extra 5lbs to each side

  • Superset:

    • Cable Rows: 3x12 -70lbs

    • Lat Pull Down: 3x12 -70lbs

  • Superset:

    • One arm Dumbbell Rows: 3x10 (each side) - 35lbs

    • Bent over flys: 3x15 - 10lbs (dumbbells)

  • Superset:

    • Delt raise: 3x10 (one side at a time - I hold onto another machine and put both feel close to the ground of the machine, and lean out onto my side - then raise that arm - hope you can understand that!

    • Shoulder Press: 3x15 - 30lbs barbell

Day 3 - Chest & Arms Warm Up: 5 minutes

  • Rowing

Resistance Training: 60 Minutes

  • Chest Press:

    • warm up: 2x20, 20lbs dumbbells

    • Working set: 3x12, 25lbs dumbbells

  • Cables: not sure what you call this but I use both cables - put them at the highest notch, pull from up to down - on 20lbs each side. Then I drop it by 2 notches/numbers so that slowly Im pulling to meet in the middle of my chest, then keep dropping by 2 so that I am pulling from down to up. -Sorry I'm not great at explaining.. eventually I'll get some videos out.

  • Push ups: 3x10 Body weight

  • Superset:

    • Bicep Curl: 3x10 - 20lbs dumbbell. I sit on a bench, legs wide, hinge at the hips and I rest my working arm elbow on my thigh, one arm at a time

    • Tricep extension: 3x10 - 30lbs barbell - my hands are about a fists distance apart, I hold the barbell up and bend at the elbows letting the bar drop behind my head, keeping my elbows parallel in front of me (trying by best at least)

  • Superset: 2 or 3 times

    • Bicep curl: (21s) - 20lbs barbell.

      • 7 reps Elbows in, lift the bar from your thighs half way (90degrees bent at the elbow), and back down

      • Hold for 7 seconds at 90 degrees

      • 7 reps from 90 degrees to chest (curl all the way to the top and only back down to 90 degrees)

      • Hold for 7 seconds at 90 degrees

      • 7 reps full ROM (range of motion) from full extension to flexion

  • Tricep Extension: (21s) - 20lbs plate - I do it off of the cables with the ropes with little ball grips at the end. Same as above- thumbs facing in, keeping elbows tucked into your sides

    • 7 reps - 90 degrees to full extended arms by your side

    • Hold for 7 seconds at 90 degrees

    • 7 reps - hands near shoulders extending to elbows at 90 degrees

    • Hold for 7 seconds at 90 degrees

    • 7 reps - full ROM (from hands near your shoulders to fully extended out by your sides)

HIIT After my resistance training I do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I choose to sprint because I love running, but there are many ways you can do HIIT if you're not a runner. It is basically when you go intensely for a certain amount of time then rest, and repeat. - ex Bike or Row. I do a bit of dynamic stretching for my legs, jog for about 2 minutes, then put the treadmill up to 11-11.5 speed depending on the day and 0 incline. I would like to say I do 30s on 30s off for 10 minutes but I don't.. I try to though. 15 minutes 3 minutes - Warm UP : Jog 9 minutes - HIIT :30s sprinting, 30s rest. I do this for as long as I can but slowly I do 30s on, 40s off, or 30s on 60s off, or 20s on 40s off. Its ok to play around with it and see what works best for you! Also start at 8 or 9 speed and work your way up, see what you're comfortable with. Every body is different so sprinting may not be best for what your body was designed for. Play around with other machines to see what works best, as long as your pushing yourself it is all considered HIIT 3 minutes - Cool Down: I jog but I also do high knees for 30seconds, butt kicks for 30 seconds, and side shuffles on each side for 30 seconds

Stretching Handstands Before I stretch I practice my handstands... because I am obsessed and would really love to do a handstand at the top of a mountain and not be worries that I'll fall of the edge so you have to start somewhere! I use the wall to assist me and slowly take one leg off at a time. It has taken awhile and I am still not there but patience is a virtue and EVERYTHING takes time!! Don't give up. Abs To be honest I'm not the greatest at abs, I do just a few exercises, I get pretty bored with them so I focus on engaging my core in everything else that I do so that I am still involving my core. 3x30

  • Crunches

  • toe taps

  • oblique crunches

1 minutes plank ( I rarely do this but just trying to give you some ideas). Honestly just google some ab exercises when you're on the mat. Streching One of my goals for the last few years actually has been to do the splits (see how long its taken) I can only do it on one side and it's still not perfect. So I focus on splits everyday, one leg at a time

  • low lunge

  • push back from a lunch to stretch the hamstring

  • floss back and forth

  • slide into splits

  • from there I bend my front knee into pigeon

  • then lift my back leg and backbend

Also focus on whatever muscles you worked that day! It is SO important to stretch I cant stress it enough!! I don't do that much stretching at the gym because by then I have already been at the gym for 1.5-2 hours and I have so much other stuff to do. I don't not stretch though!! (I'm sure you all know that) Instead I do 2 or 3 things that I'm working on specifically then I go to hot yoga at night (sometimes its only once a week, sometimes twice). But when I was in school for yoga teacher training it was 4-5 times a week (not just hot but other classes). I chose to take the opportunity to travel to London (mid yoga program) so I will be resuming that in 2018. So for the time being I will aim to go to yoga once or twice a week. Although keep in mind I stretch anywhere and everywhere all the time.. So I may not do a ton at the gym but I for sure get my fair share of stretching.

If you have any questions about specific exercises or stretches, or anything that you want to work on just send me a message and I am MORE than happy to help!!! I LOVE this stuff so it is not a bother!!

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